Mesoestetic is a Spanish brand of dermo-cosmetics. Mesoestetic has been diligently working since the 80’s of the last century, on the development of the products for treatment of series of skin changes and malfunctions, perfecting the products in the on-going process. Preparations are divided into three categories. The preparations from the first category are solely intended for the doctors’ surgeries and the clinics under the watchful supervision of the specialist. The second category preparations are suitable for cosmetic salons because of its content and the methods of implementation. The third ones are at the same time, the most interesting ones as they are intended for home use in the form of post-treatment care or every day skin care. Dermamelan, Cosmelan and Acnelan are improving the clinical picture of melasma,hyperpigmentation and acnes in an easy manner.. Mesostetic chemical peelings are the proud owners of “The Best Peel Of The Year” award for the two consecutive years.

Acnelan Treatment

At Regenra Center we do Mesoestetic’s Acnelan Treatmentwhich has the most complete, the most efficient and the fastest effect on treating acnes and their consequences.

Acnelan contains the protective m.acne complex® formula, a unique combination of the active substances, in a battle with various factors which cause acnes. Dermatologist does the treatment three times a week in a period of 14 to 21 days.

After the treatment, a soothing mask is applied to reduce the redness to a minimum. The process of skin peeling starts after 2-3 days and may be lasting a couple of days.Straight after the treatment and during the skin peeling, an epithelializing cream must be applied to the area on a daily basis and sun exposure must be avoided. It is important to apply sun cream with a protective factor.

Acnelan foam with urea and chlorhexidine is recommended to be used after the treatment and in the interim period to clean off the impurities as well as Acne One cream which contains m.acne complex.
Contraindications are the same like with other types of peelings: pregnancy and breast feeding,acetylsalicylic acid hypersensitivity, or hypersensitivity on substances contained within peelings, 6 months beforehand isotretinoin treatment,radiotherapy or some other type of dermatological face intervention, active bacterial or virus face infection,active autoimmune illness.

It is necessary to inform dermatologist about frequent herpes simplex face infections and in which case prophylactic anti-virus therapy is conducted.

Cautionary measures
Before the treatment:

  • 3 weeks before the treatment do not do any other professional peelings ( dermaabrasion, micro-dermabasion, ultrasound peelings etc )
  • Five days before the treatment it is recommended not to use abrasive or stimulant substances, it is recommended not to dye, bleach, epilate or shave areas which are to be treated. Men are advised to refrain from shaving for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Refrain from using solarium or tanning shops as well as long term sun exposure. Tattoo and hyaluronic filler treatments are to be avoided for at least one week after the treatment.

After the treatment you must avoid:

  • Swimming pools, saunas, natural or artificial light exposure or exposure to the direct sources of heat for up to 48 hours.
  • Depilations, epilations and laser treatments are to be avoided for at minimum of 15 days

Dermamelan and Cosmelan Treatment

A large number of women are faced with one of the most common aesthetic problems that of hyperpigmentation. Skin color is determined by melanin, carotene and haemoglobin. The main role is played by melanin so when we talk about pigmentation abnomalities, we talk about the changes in the melanin synthesis. The acutal melanogenesis ( the synthesis of melanin ) develops in the special skin cells knows as melanocytes. They can be found in the basal layer of epidermis.

At Regenera center, a detailed skin analysis is available by Photo Finder and an examination by Wood lamp. They can aid us to determine in which layers of the skin an excessive creation of melanin can be found. Furthermore, a large spectre of medical peelings with various acids for the treatment of the hyperpigmentation.

In our center, Mesoestetic’s Dermamelan and Cosmelan peelings are the “hot/in treatmetns” in the actual treatment of hyperpigmentation. They regulate the melanin synthesis ( melanogenesis ) inhibiting an enzyme known as tyrosine. These treatments reduce the actual hyperpigmentation treatment to a single one. Apart from balancing out the skin color, these peelings give and have a powerful anti-aging effect. With an individual approach to all patients, apart from the treatment in the centre, we also suggest the most adequate home treatment.

Do not forget the most important in the prevention of hyperpigmentation, a cream with a high protection factor has to be the part of your routine throughout the year.

Global Eyecon Tretman

Did you know that the skin in the eye area is thinner three to five times than the rest of your skin and needs special attention. We are proud to offer you Mesoestetic treatment GLOBAL EYECON which is the special professional treatment for battling the various anomalies around the eye area.

The treatment is applied for the following anomalies:

  • wrinkles and fine lines
  • bags
  • eye bags
  • dropping eyelids


  • GLOBAL EYECON for battling the various anomalies around the eye area
  • The combined usage protocol consists of various product categories: chemical peeling + transepidermal solution.
  • Maximal therapeutic results + its minimal invasive component
  • The products are specifically designed for this area, are highly tolerant for eyes

The treatment protocol:
Three layers of peeling are applied to the area around the eyes, which has been previously cleaned. The peelings are left for the maximum of three minutes. What follows in the process of neutralization. The oily solution is applied for the cleaning purpose followed by the application of the periocular solution and microneedling technique treatment. The crystal fibre mask is applied for the finishing touch and is left for up to 10-15 minutes.


The professional mesoeclat method is specifically designed to wake up the defense mechanisms to prevent skin aging This is the intensive anti-aging shock treatment that eliminates the wrinkles, profoundly hydrates and regenerates the skin surface layer.

Intensive, fast acting anti-aging program.