What is Plexr?

Center for aesthetic medicine Regenera in Dubrovnik introduces Plexr ( Plasma + Exeresis) device, the latest world non-surgical trend in removing excess of skin.

Plexr is an innovative device in the aesthetic medicine field which revolutionary replaces invasive surgical procedures. Plexr device reduces recovery time and avoids complications throughout and after the classic surgical procedure. The uniqueness of this device is manifested in the plasma usage to remove excess of skin and to lift the remaining skin thanks to the principle of tissue sublimation. It is important to stress out that results we get form Plexr treatment last the same period of time as the results we get using the classic procedures.

This increasingly popular method in the field of aesthetic medicine does not use surgical knives, there is no skin cutting, no bleeding, nor bruises or stitches. The recovery is painless and efficient. Plexr is an extremely precise device, it does not spread to the surrounding tissue and it is ideal for the procedures around areas which are prone to sensitivity ( eyelids ) This revolutionary technology lies in the sublimation process which is worldwide known as “Soft Surgery”. It uses ionized air which produces sparks releasing the energy compared to a thunder, in other words plasma heats tissue with a strong effect of skin being heated and lifted. The process of the so called bio-stimulation is activated, the natural process of skin rejuvenation is stimulated, creating new collagen and refreshing the skin

Treatment Description

The device looks like a high volume pen with a needle which is positioned on the treated area. Trigger pressing ignites a spark which stimulates numerous processes which lead to skin regeneration coupled with other effects. An aesthetics cream is used to reduce the pain. There is no stinging nor blood. After the treatment there is redness and skin peelings which disappear in a matter of days.


All age groups over 18 who wish to achieve some of the bellow corrections:

  • Upper and Lowe eyelid Blepharoplasty
  • Nonsurgical facelift
  • Nonsurgical Necklift
  • Face and neck wrinkles removal
  • All types of scar removal
  • Acne removal
  • Wart removal
  • Xanthelasma
  • Mole removal
  • Extended pore removal
  • Stretch mark removal

Consultations are required with a highly specialized members of our team.



It is necessary to remove the make up and the strong facial creams.


There is a possibility of redness and swelling of the area which has been treated. Within a couple of days there is also a possibility of scratching on the treated area.


How many treatments are required?
Depending on the area which is treated and the skin condition, 1 to 3 treatments are required.The results get better as the time goes on, and the time distance between the treatments can range from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. The final result is visible a couple of months after the last treatment.