PhotoFinder Aesthetics ATBM is a system designed to scan the skin conditions and to monitor the results of the face interventions.

PhotoFinder shoots consistent photos of higher resolution so that our clients can monitor the achievements after the treatment.

PhotoFinder’s system for the photos development and management enables the personalized plan creation and the treatment program plans. This process elevates the procedure analysis to the higher level.

The PhotoFinder system advantages for patients are as follows:

  • Objective monitoring of the treatment progression and the assessment of advances being made
  • The status estimate and the photo documentation report in your hands.
  • The false and distorted images are impossible thanks to the same distance and pose photographing and the conditions which never change.
  • No Photoshoping
  • Digital issue of the photos upon your request.
  • Issued photos with patients’ anonymity ( black tape over the eyes/face )
  • Suitable for any before hand face or other body type treatment analysis ( fillers, Botox, body contouring, fat burnout, peelings, skin lift and etc )

PhotoFinder Analysis is FREE OF CHARGE.

Feel free to call us on +385 91 1800 700 or mail us to book your appointment.